What We Do

We provide project management development and training services that are designed to establish the foundation for an effective project management infrastructure.

Staying competitive requires that organizations be adept at managing projects successfully – delivering the right product, on time and within budget.


All of our workshops are designed to enhance your project success and are a large part of the value that Space Age Projects provides to its’ customers.

As a Registered Education Provider, we are approved by the Project Management Institute to issue professional development units (PDUs) for our workshops.

Our workshops address both the technical and social aspects of project management.  They are available via both live interactive webinars and face-to-face classroom instruction.  While the webinars accommodate employee convenience, we feel that the classroom setting provides an opportunity for people to participate in their learning.  By taking people out of their offices they are more likely to experiment with new concepts, develop solutions to existing business issues, reflect on their performance and turn their learning into new workplace behaviors.  This approach also allows us to further enhance the learning experience by customizing, and continuously adjusting, our delivery to match the individual needs of our workshop participants.

Please click here to view a Guide to Selecting the Workshop that's right for you, or feel free to peruse each of the workshop details listed below.

Business of Project Management Workshop

This 4-hr workshop explores the business side of project management and focuses on the organizational responsibilities that are required to make successful projects your operational norm.  We address the details of project initiation and project closeout – two processes that rely heavily on activities that are performed external to the project team.  Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Princples of Project Management Workshop

This 16-hr workshop covers the practical application of project management methodologies.  We address the details of the project planning and project performance, and provide participants with techniques to integrate the core elements of project management - scope, time, cost and risk. Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Project Baseline Management Workshop

This 8-hr workshop shows participants techniques for establishing achievable scope, cost and schedule baselines for their projects, and covers the methods necessary for effectively managing these baselines during project performance. Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Managing Project Human Resources Workshop

This 8-hr workshop focuses on identifying the right approach to the effective management of project human resources.  Participants have the opportunity to assess their own interpersonal styles, and to prepare a personal plan that capitalizes on their strengths and mitigates their weaknesses.  Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Developing Project Teams Workshop

This 8-hr workshop explores project team dynamics. Participants are exposed to the principles of effective teaming, and are shown how to recognize and overcome common teaming obstacles in order to create an environment that is conducive to project success.  Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Earned Value Management Workshop

This 8-hr workshop covers the processes necessary to make Earned Value Management (EVM) an effective practice in every organization. In addition to essential EVM metrics, participants are shown work progress statusing methods and performance considerations that will enhance their application of EVM.  Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Project Risk Management Workshop

This 8-hr workshop identifies the benefits that every project will realize by using a planned, systematic approach to risk management and explores all of the elements required for establishing effective project risk management.  Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Using Microsoft® Project Workshop

This 16-hr workshop exposes participants to the functionality of Microsoft Project.  We demonstrate the tool’s capability as an effective project planning tool, and how to utilize the tool’s functionality to update and report on project performance.  Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

Project Management Professional Certification Exam Prep Workshop

This 4½-day PMP® Exam Prep Workshop prepares participants to be successful and pass the PMP exam, satisfies the 35-hour project management training requirement for PMP applicants, and provides participants with skills required to manage projects more effectively. Click on the workshop title, above, for more detailed information.

If your company has a group to train, chances are we can deploy any of our workshops on your schedule – in your city or at your company site.  Please contact us with your deployment preference.

Routinely, our training is customized to match organizational needs.  Prior to training delivery, our technical trainers will meet with your company’s management to understand your training objectives.  We adjust our training deployment to match the needs of your organization and follow-up to ensure that our training achieved your desired objectives.  Please let us know your project management training intentions by clicking here to send us an inquiry.  We will respond with detailed information of exactly what you can expect from us.

We have deployed these workshops to thousands of project managers, project leads, team members, functional managers and senior executives.  All of our instructors are experienced project managers and experts at participative learning – folks that have mastered their practice and are firmly grounded.  They are dynamic presenters, skillful facilitators and dedicated to the success of workshop trainees.