What We Do

We provide project management development and training services that establish the foundation for an effective project management infrastructure.

Thriving in today's market place demands the ability to make changes and adapt quickly - that means doing projects. 


Our core set of nine workshops address both the technical and social aspects of successful project management.  As a Registered Education Provider, we are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to issue professional development units (PDUs) for our workshops.

   CLICK HERE for a printable Guide of our Project Management Workshops

Our workshops are typically delivered via face-to-face classroom instruction. The classroom setting allows us to observe how each attendee participates in their learning experience. We like to take people out of their offices because they are more likely to experiment with new concepts, develop solutions to existing issues and turn their learning into new workplace behaviours.

Any of these workshops can be easily customized to match your organizational needs.  Prior to signing any contract, we'll meet with your company's management to ensure that we understand your training objectives.  We’ll adjust both our training materials and our deployment, and follow-up to ensure that our training achieved the desired results.  Get started for free today - contact us to set up a meeting. 


Did you know that government funding is available for training your existing workforce?  In most U.S. states, grants are available at the federal, state and local levels for employers to upgrade, or maintain, the skills of their current employees.  We have experience in assisting businesses to secure reimbursement grants that supplement direct training costs.

  • We'll identify your available public funding alternatives and select the most attractive option based on eligibility and maximum amount ceiling.
  • We'll develop a training plan that not only meets your training objectives, but also satisfies the requirements of the available funding.
  • We'll guide you through the process of applying for the reimbursement grants and securing your training dollars.

Contact us today to get this process started.