What We Do

We provide project management development and training services that establish the foundation for an effective project management infrastructure.

Thriving in today's market place demands the ability to make changes and adapt quickly - that means doing projects. 


Our development services focus on integrating the six elements of our project management (PM) infrastructure model into your business environment. 

  • Policies: We start with generic organizational policies that address specific target areas and tailor each of these to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Training: Our core set of best-practices PM workshops and webinars can be used as-is, or we will develop a curriculum that better satisfies your business needs.
  • Tools: A variety of best-practices PM templates, forms and checklists are customized to facilitate the consistent application of your PM process.
  • Resources: We'll formulate ways to maximize the efficiency of available project resources and resolve all of your resource challenges.
  • Metrics: Our process for project closeout will capture both project performance metrics and recommendations for process improvements.
  • Assessments: Periodic evaluations of both project personnel competencies and PM process effectiveness is critical to measuring the maturity of the PM infrastructure.

Prior to signing any contract, we'll meet with your company's management to fully understand your goals and objectives, examine your current infrastructure and identify ways to unleash your organization's full potential - because we want both your business and your projects to be successful. Get started for free today - contact us to set up a meeting.


This development effort requires an investment of both time and money.  How can you be sure your organization will get an acceptable return on this investment (ROI)?

Benefit (Numerator):  While measureable benefits will take time to evolve, immediate benefits include decreased project failures, improved cost and schedule performance, and improved productivity.  Mature project management processes will result in increased revenues, improved customer retention, a better reputation and stronger competitiveness.  Although determining 'benefit' is largely subjective, we add objectivity by using a detailed pre-questionnaire and periodic follow-up surveys.

Price (Denominator): 'Price' is derived based on our understanding of your objectives and our perception of your current infrastructure.  In other words - there is no one 'price'.  But, 'price' can be reduced through the use of government grants that are available to train your company's existing workforce! 

Even though the calculation of an accurate ROI may be difficult, ROI can be increased by simply reducing its denominator by securing available government grants that will reduce your training costs.  See our 'Training' tab for additional details.