What We Do

We provide project management development and training services that establish the foundation for an effective project management infrastructure.

Thriving in today's market place demands the ability to make changes and adapt quickly - that means doing projects. 

About Us

Along with the end of the Space Shuttle Program and an indefinite delay of U.S. human spaceflight program comes the displacement of many talented “rocket scientists” from the Kennedy Space Center.  Space Age Projects, LLC, was formed by bringing together the best project management minds and the best technical trainers that departed the Kennedy Space Center at the end of the Space Shuttle Program.

Mr. Laposky
LinkedIn Mark Laposky, Founder Space Age Projects

After spending the majority of his 30-year career on the Space Shuttle Program, Mr. Laposky founded Space Age Projects, LLC to develop and deliver training materials that cover all aspects of project management.  While at Kennedy Space Center, Mr. Laposky supported NASA in numerous capacities that included program/project management for the design and construction of space vehicle processing and launch facilities.  He has received numerous awards for his work, including the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal in 2007. 

Mr. Laposky has a BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of South Florida and an MS degree in engineering management from University of Florida.  He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and a Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS®) in MS Project.

Mr. Laposky contributed to the development and delivery of a 3-day Project Management best practices workshop for United Space Alliance, which he taught over 25 times.  Mr. Laposky also developed a successful PMP Certification Exam Preparation workshop which he delivered to over 150 managers and engineers at the Kennedy Space Center. Mr. Laposky continues to develop and deploy learning materials for Space Age Projects.

Space Age Projects routinely contracts with human spaceflight’s brightest minds in project management, technical training and government contracting, and assures that expert resources are available to accommodate all of your project management needs.

Kevin M. Berry, Founder, Legendary Projects

Mr. Berry has been involved with human spaceflight projects for over 32 years.  Beginning his career with the advent of the Space Shuttle Program, Mr. Berry performed project management for numerous Air Force and Department of Defense payloads, and developed his unique experience in requirements management, configuration management, and process development.  As a project manager for the International Space Station, Mr. Berry has managed the implementation of more than 50 modifications to the Space Shuttle Orbiter, Ground Systems, and Facilities.  Mr. Berry currently works on the Orion program, assisting in development of the country’s next human spaceflight vehicle and manages proposals that exceed $50M.

Kevin Berry, Legendary Projects
LinkedIn Kevin Berry, Founder Legendary Projects

Mr. Berry has an AA Degree in Electronic Technology from Butte Junior College; a BS Degree in Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University; and an MS Degree in Technical Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).

Mr. Berry contributed to the development of a 3-day Integrated Project Management workshop for United Space Alliance (USA), which he delivered over 30 times.  Mr. Berry is a member of USA’s Project Management Working Group, and has been a speaker and panelist at numerous Space Congress events and NASA Project Management Challenge sessions.

Mr. Berry is also a long time newspaper and magazine author and editor, currently writing for two robotics hobby magazines.  He also has self published three books on family life, and cancer survival.  His hobbies include home construction and improvement; building and fighting combat robots; and running 5K races.

Norma Shear, Performance Consultant

Ms. Shear has an extensive background in Human Resources, Organizational Development and Process Improvement.  During her 24-years on the Space Shuttle Program, she used her expertise to resolve behavioral and technical issues, and contributed to the effectiveness of numerous organizations and projects.

Norma Shear
LinkedIn Norma Shear, Performance Consultant

Ms. Shear has an MA Degree in Human Resources Development from Webster University along with specialized training and experience in personality assessments, communications concepts, problem-solving, coaching, training techniques, and project management practices.  She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®).

Ms. Shear was instrumental in the development and deployment of a 3-day Project Management best practices workshop for United Space Alliance, which was delivered to over 500 managers and engineers at the Kennedy Space Center.  She has been recognized for designing many unique programs and activities that address leadership development, project management, talent retention, employee motivation and process improvement.