What We Do

We provide project management development and training services that are designed to establish the foundation for an effective project management infrastructure.

Staying competitive requires that organizations be adept at managing projects successfully – delivering the right product, on time and within budget.

Project Management


Policies that define the project management (PM) process and are aligned with your organization’s strategic plan.

Project Management


Training that develops competencies in the PM process – the methodologies, the tools and professional certifications.

Project Management


Tools that enable the consistent application of the PM process – templates, checklists, forms, etc.

Project Management


Resources that understand the PM process and facilitate the successful performance of projects.

Project Management


Metrics that objectively measure both the performance of individual projects and the effectiveness of the PM process.

Project Management


Assessments that evaluate both personnel competencies and the PM process maturity

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  1. Policies

    • Define the PM process
  2. Training

    • Process Workshops
    • Skills Workshops
    • Certification Workshops
  3. Tools

    • Templates
    • Checklists
    • Guides
  4. Resources

    • Facilitate successful projects
  5. Metrics

    • Project Reviews
    • Process Reviews
  6. Assessments

    • Personnel
    • Process